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May 10, 2023
"Scam alert"
Scam alert. When my credit card expired, I tried to update my payment details, but to no avail. The new card info would not be accepted (although accepted by anyone from Adobe to AWS), so they shut me down. I opened a ticket with support, and they actually answered, advising me to log into "the 7 day free trial" and sort things out via "Account". Sure... The only payment option presented was a subscription through iTunes – at more than twice the cost of my current plan. I've been a subscriber since Sept 2008, but now I'm so out. And I solemnly swear to badmouth Evernote's conduct as soon as their name comes up. Sad – because they used to be brilliant.
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May 09, 2023
"Evernote to Nevernote"
I’ve been a subscriber since 2010. Initially it was a useful product with good support. Sadly, not any more. The app is so buggy. And there appears to be little/no support from Evernote anymore. If (and it is an “if”) there is a reply to a raised support ticket, recent responses are tardy and fail to actually address the issues raised.
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May 03, 2023
"I'm not paying $130 per year for a note…"
I'm not paying $130 per year for a note managing app.

This used to be an amazing app. I have been a loyal customer since 2011 and in recent years the costs have become unrealistic.
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April 30, 2023
"How the mighty have fallen."
I was once an enthusiastic user of Evernote but in recent years the changes and, IMO, retrograde steps in terms of features and functionality, soured the whole experience for me. I left for a while and when I came back to see if things had improved I found I couldn't even trial the latest version without inputting payment details. A once great piece of indispensable software now rendered useless through greed.
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April 21, 2023
"0 security"
0 security, a lot of people got their data hacked with the same method and evernote didn´t send a single email reporting this
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March 31, 2023
"Doesn't work, steal money"
Doesn't work.
Lost hours worth of work despite saving
Took further $90 subscription fee despite cancellation and ignored 5months of emails regarding this
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March 07, 2023
"Evernote charged me for three years at…"
Evernote charged me for three years at once instead of one year, although I opted for single-year subscription. I got in touch via chat, rather than immediately solving it they just created a ticket! Incredible! The company is a scammer! I'm gonna share this scam on everywhere I can!
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February 01, 2023
"I would give them ZERO or negative"
I would give them ZERO or negative. They are billing me with a card that is TWO years expired. How is this legal? There’s no where on the site to contact them, unless it’s for new sales. I HATE this company. The notes print terribly, you can’t export easily. It’s straigh5 garbage.
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February 01, 2023
"f this stupid program"
f this stupid program, i havent used a worse app ever. waited for 5 minutes to open it up on chrome, then tried on safari, took out all my notes. totally worthless, will convince everyone to leave.
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January 14, 2023
"Unsure whether to continue using Evernote"
I've been using Evernote for over 10 years and been a paid user for several years now, though their recent practices are making me question whether I should stay with them.

The editor itself is pretty decent, especially the speed of data entry using markdown shortcuts. Searching also works well, as does the ability to search PDF's and pictures. Performance is also reasonable, and it's great to be able to access my notes from all my devices including via the web interface.

My biggest gripe at present is the really annoying 25% off professional adverts. These regularly popup full screen, they popup at the top of the notes list, they're constantly visible in the side bar, constantly appear in the menu bar, appear in email!! It's persistent spam and adware for something that I have absolutely no need of. There's not even anything in the professional version that seems appealing, so it's incredibly frustrating and very unprofessional, no pun intended!

Other gripes are long standing, such as the inability to simply copy and paste a complete note into another program such as MS Word or Outlook. Copy a note with pictures and all you get are words and empty boxes pasted in - this really limits how I can use Evernote, preventing me from being able to store quick tutorials that I can easily copy and paste to colleagues when needed!

Finally, the mobile app, although generally pretty decent, sometimes just gives up opening longer notes for editing. It was so bad a few month back that I gave up trying to edit a quick notes entry and have since used Todoist or Apple Notes to record quick notes when I'm out and about!

Fix the above and it'll be a solid 4 start app.

With the following additional features as well, it could be a 5 star app, but solid feature updates are slow to appear, so I wouldn't expect these any time soon:
- Internal note links (think table of contents for a note).
- Syntax highlighting.
- Unlimited notebooks.
- Hierarchical notebook folders instead of just a single level stack.
- Tables with frozen row & column headers that you can still actually see when scrolling even a moderately sized table.
- Pinned notes in notebooks.
- The ability for users of shared notes to be able to add new tags to the note.
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January 13, 2023
"Bugs and disappearing notes"
It should be a good app, but for some reason for about two years every update came with a lot of bugs. They'd bring out a new update after a month or so to fix the old bugs, but that would come with new bugs. It was quite a nightmare of nonstop bugs for a really long time.

The constant bugs don't seem to be an issue anymore, but notes can just randomly go missing and their support team are slow and not very helpful.

I wrote a note that contained medical information I was going to need for a doctor's appointment, I wrote it on the 31st December. After finishing the note, it was showing in my notes list and everything seemed fine. A few minutes later I'd realised I'd forgotten to add something, so I went to do so. Not gone. It wasn't in the trash or anywhere. It was just gone.

I told Evernote I needed to get this note returned from wherever it went from my doctor's appointment, but they didn't feel the urgency. I never got the note back in time for my doctor's appointment and I'm still trying to get them to restore the note at the moment

Not an app I trust
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December 30, 2022
"Generally speaking a great product but…"
Generally speaking a great product but every time I add a picture to a note I keep getting a commercial offer in my face. I turn it down every time but it just keeps reappearing. Super annoying!!!!!!!

Fix this and you will have 5-stars coming right up.
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December 26, 2022
"No free plan available anymore"
No free plan available anymore, and the only way to reach my data is to provide my card details.
Definitely not happening, and if there was any possibility of using this service with subscription, is now gone!
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December 24, 2022
"Joke Security"
Suspect my account got hacked and I can't contact anyone. Can't request deletion of my account, just get told to login (which I don't want). Security page useless. Really does not inspire confidence
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November 21, 2022
"Update Junkies"
Update Junkies.
Not one day I can peacefully use their Windows application without loosing 3 minutes waiting for updates to finish.

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